An inherent need to socialise and foster camaraderie in a new country brought together, in the early 1960s, a few expatriates from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) who made Sydney their home. What started as social gatherings for meals at weekends and other times, prompted the need for something more permanent. That need saw the birth of The Bellbirds Club. The main objective of the Club is to organise social activities to develop cooperation, mutual understanding and friendship among members, their families and friends. The Bellbirds Club, incorporated in NSW in 1967, is an apolitical, non-sectarian and non-proprietary organisation existing for the benefit of the members and whose profits are applied solely towards the promotion of the Club’s objectives. The Club offers gifts and donations to registered charities, persons seeking assistance or other organisations that the Club determines as deserving of such assistance. We have 295 members (including 11 Life members) currently on our roll. Anyone in NSW can become a member of the Bellbirds Club. An annual membership fee is payable at the time of joining and at the commencement of each calendar year. The Club’s affairs are managed by a committee of nine, comprising of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and five ordinary members. No committee member receives a salary, any remuneration or other benefit from the Club. There is a great measure of satisfaction in working with the committee members organising events for people to gather and enjoy friendship, fellowship and camaraderie in an atmosphere of gaiety and fun, topped up with satisfying food and drink. The Club effects and maintains insurance. Should you wish to join, please contact a committee member or see application form elsewhere.

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